Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crestview Lanes

Last year the Crestview Lanes bowling alley in the suburban outskirts of Sacramento closed its doors after being open since the 60s. Stanimal and I went to visit the shuttered building and snap a few shots as we thought it might be demolished soon. I am a mediocre bowler but Stanimal is outstanding, having bowled 300 (a perfect game) on more than one occasion. As mid century design aficionados (and who isn’t these days!) we appreciate the building’s many charms. If only we could get our hands on the huge spaghetti lamp chandeliers that have hung inside for decades. I only went to Crestview Lanes a few times as a teenager, less interested in bowling and more interested in free food and video games as a friend from catholic school’s grandmother owned it at that time. But I was still sad to see it close, and Stanimal had lit up those lanes many times prior.
Annimal is wearing: dress, psychedelic checker print, $20 jet rag in LA about 5 years ago
Shoes, diba pointed flats thrifted $5
Purse, $15 ebay a year ago
Sunglasses, $20 ebay a year ago
Stanimal is wearing an 80s Kings t shirt I thrifted many years ago cheaply and 510 levis he got for $8 at freestyle

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