Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankful To Be Giving

This year I am beginning to build what will be my non profit organization to help cats in need. The Annimal House Foundation will sell choice vintage goods for the benefit of homeless cats. I have a few auctions going up on ebay this week to help finance my first project. I need to remodel my garage to make space to sell items through my soon to exist website. Also the remodeled space would serve as a home for my first client, Goldilocks. Goldilocks moved into our yard last year but cannot seem to get along with my tabby siblings Tiggy and Tiger. So he refuses to stay indoors, but hopefully if he had his own indoor space he would feel differently. He sleeps outside on our heating unit inside a large mailbox with blankets. He has been fixed and gets preventative treatment, but I really wanna hook him up! I can't ignore the problem of cat overpopulation as it literally is right at my doorstep. So with the Foundation I endeavor to help these deserving fur-babies! And find good homes for some groovy gear. Speaking of which, I am here sporting:
Vintage 70s mini dress, $30 ebay a few weeks ago
Vintage 70s fur hat, $10 ebay last month
Vintage 70s western cape, $15 ebay last month
Vintage 70s go go boots, thrifted a few years ago
Vintage 60s sunglasses with new pink lenses from Style Eyes
Commando tights, $34 online

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pucci in the boudoir

I am happily obliging my dear friend Kerry who requested I do an outfit post in the boudoir of my latest vintage Pucci, a snuggly quilted bed jacket! I bagged this beaut last week on ebay for 30 bones! I admit to quite a collection of vintage bed clothing and underthings, as I enjoy dressing up to go out as much as dressing up to stay in! An item such as this should see the outside of my home at some point though, as I have enjoyed wearing nightie items out and about in the past.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Holly Harp

Today at the monthly Sacramento antique fair I crossed paths with this lovely Holly's Harp gown. The seller parted with it for $50, and it's a really nice piece I already enjoy wearing. It's no surprise that the bias cut cuddles the figure as Holly Harp is known for romantic goddess construction. I included a scan from People magazine February, 1977, featuring Holly Harp and celebrity friends wearing her designs.