Saturday, December 24, 2011

Outfit inspiration: The Abominable Snow Monster

Our region's semblance of a cold winter is upon us, so I have been wearing this fuzzy jacket to keep toasty warm. In doing this, I was fondly reminded of the Abominable Snow Monster from the classic 1964 stop motion animation Christmas special, Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. I always had a soft spot for the Abominable Snow Monster, he's just lonely and hungry out there in the bitter cold ass North Pole! In the true spirit of the holiday season, I like to overlook the Abominable Snow Monster's ferocious flaws and focus on what a cute beast he really is!

May your holidays be filled with loveliness warmth and cheer, thanks so much for visiting Annimal House this year!

Annimal and Stanimal

70s furry beast coat, $15 thrifted 5 years ago
Vintage 70s mini dress, $30 ebay a few weeks ago, also worn here
Cheapo vinyl gray shoes with carbon fiber look, $16 ebay last month
Vintage Furry purse, $15 ebay last month
60s sunglasses, $5 Sacramento antique fair a few years ago

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Outfit Inspiration: The Nauga Monster

I've long been a lover of the sweet Nauga Monster, and I was fortunate enough to adopt two of Stan's Nauga Monster children as my own when we wed. I also take outfit styling cues from the Nauga, as I am here wearing a recently acquired vintage Naugahyde dress. I got myself a few early gifts this year, these vintage Christian Dior sunglasses rating very high among them. Although I am pleased with these new treasures I have been having a hard time transitioning into the holiday cheer of the season as our beloved cat Fang has been taken from us. We hold out some hope he may be found but shelter and online searches have come up empty. We really miss our gentleman tuxedo cat, we were so lucky to have had him in our lives for as long as we did.
vintage Naugahyde dress, $10 ebay a few weeks ago
DKNY wet look shirt, $4 thrifted last year
vintage Christian Dior sunglasses, $100 ebay last month
chain earrings I made out of old stuff that was cheap
Goldielocks the cat, priceless

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Zandra Rhodes for your consideration

At first I thought this gown was a knock off of Zandra Rhodes original textile design. But upon better inspection I found it to be an authentic ZR piece. Upon even further inspection I found it to be listed for a rather high price on the “first dibs” website. I am intrigued to see what an ebay buyer would be willing to pay, so I listed the gown there. I still have 7 days left on this auction but I can't wait to find out how much I can earn to help abandoned cats with this pretty gown! Liz over at Vintage a Peel owns the holy grail of ZR items, a lipstick print pair of trousers that are currently in an exhibition in London no less! And being the historian extraordinaire that she is, you may also view a scan of the original magazine editorial image from 1969 on her blog as well!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankful To Be Giving

This year I am beginning to build what will be my non profit organization to help cats in need. The Annimal House Foundation will sell choice vintage goods for the benefit of homeless cats. I have a few auctions going up on ebay this week to help finance my first project. I need to remodel my garage to make space to sell items through my soon to exist website. Also the remodeled space would serve as a home for my first client, Goldilocks. Goldilocks moved into our yard last year but cannot seem to get along with my tabby siblings Tiggy and Tiger. So he refuses to stay indoors, but hopefully if he had his own indoor space he would feel differently. He sleeps outside on our heating unit inside a large mailbox with blankets. He has been fixed and gets preventative treatment, but I really wanna hook him up! I can't ignore the problem of cat overpopulation as it literally is right at my doorstep. So with the Foundation I endeavor to help these deserving fur-babies! And find good homes for some groovy gear. Speaking of which, I am here sporting:
Vintage 70s mini dress, $30 ebay a few weeks ago
Vintage 70s fur hat, $10 ebay last month
Vintage 70s western cape, $15 ebay last month
Vintage 70s go go boots, thrifted a few years ago
Vintage 60s sunglasses with new pink lenses from Style Eyes
Commando tights, $34 online

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pucci in the boudoir

I am happily obliging my dear friend Kerry who requested I do an outfit post in the boudoir of my latest vintage Pucci, a snuggly quilted bed jacket! I bagged this beaut last week on ebay for 30 bones! I admit to quite a collection of vintage bed clothing and underthings, as I enjoy dressing up to go out as much as dressing up to stay in! An item such as this should see the outside of my home at some point though, as I have enjoyed wearing nightie items out and about in the past.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Holly Harp

Today at the monthly Sacramento antique fair I crossed paths with this lovely Holly's Harp gown. The seller parted with it for $50, and it's a really nice piece I already enjoy wearing. It's no surprise that the bias cut cuddles the figure as Holly Harp is known for romantic goddess construction. I included a scan from People magazine February, 1977, featuring Holly Harp and celebrity friends wearing her designs.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bonjour! Gucci, est que vraiment vous?!?

Found a fall 2008 Gucci at Thrift Town for 6 bux yesterday! Really loving this dress, it pairs well with some fancy sandals I got at Crimson and Clover a few months ago. My furry olive hat and tapestry purse round out the outfit, and multiple bracelets, rings and necklace top it all off. This is only the second Gucci I have ever thrifted! Have you thrifted much designer lately?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crimson and Clover, over and over!

Gonna sound like a broken record but guess what? I love Crimson and Clover! Still do, and have since they opened shop or rather, reopened what was also once another vintage clothing boutique. They are located close to my werk so I like to hit em up on the regular. It's pretty embarrassing to admit but last year I went there two days in a row one time! BUT, I found the raddest upholstery fabric that Nicole just put out on that second trip! My sad ass target ottoman was wrecked and needed a rebuild. I'm pleased with the results and it was eight bux very well spent!

70s hat, twenty bux on ebay
70s dress and 60s bracelet, 20 bux and 16 bux respectively, Crimson and Clover
70s spacey ring, gift with purchase from Smashingbird!!
70s cork ans leather sandals, 10 bux Sacramento Antique Fair last month, seen purchasing here

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another trip to the Anntique Fair!

All the usual vintage clothing and accessory hoarding you have come to expect, now on film! Today I shopped at our monthly antique fair and took direction from Stanimal to produce this hard hitting mini documentary! Scores caught in action include a 60s psychedelic dress for $5, a Miss Magnin for I Magnin dress for $10, a descoware mini oven, super mini oven, super big au gratin and small au gratin all in good condition for $20, 2 60s plastic blob lamps for $40 and $45 each, and an orange funky snack set from the 70s for $40. Also I nabbed a green plastic purse made of links for $10 and another velvet printed clutch for $10, both 60s or 70s era. There is gonna be more where this foolishness came from cuz we had fun and are just getting started!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The right place at the right time

Many a weekend is spent by my husband and I trolling for vintage treasures, hitting up garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets alike. A few years ago a neighborhood garage sale proved especially fruitful, as I scored one of my most valuable vintage designer pieces by none other than Rudi Gernreich! I had found some wonderful items at this woman’s sale and was chatting with her about them. She was happy I liked her old things so much and that I actually intended to wear them. She then remembered that there was another bag in the basement she wanted me to look at too. Her husband went and grabbed it and in addition to about 30 more great pieces was the Rudi. She asked $20 for the lot and of course I didn’t bargain! She even took down my contact info in case she found more stuff! I kept hoping she would call but she never did. And now I have an amazing piece of her history to treasure always! Check out Couture Allure's post on Rudi, and the killer dress she has listed for sale right now!
Rudi Gernreich dress, less than $1 at a yard sale several years ago
Charles Jourdan gold boomerang heel sandals, $100 ebay last year
Purple suede purse, $8 thrifted yesterday at SPCA thrift   

Sunday, August 28, 2011

It takes a village...

to raise a drunk! Here’s an example of buying someone else something you really want to keep working out really well! I bought this Roach deadstock iron on for my husband several years ago. I was going to have it put on a t shirt for him but he could tell I really wanted it so he said I should put it on a shirt for myself. I’m glad I got to keep it cuz I think the village drunk is really cool, and people always tell me how much they like him when I wear it. Plus, since my husband doesn’t drink too much it would be false advertising, but when I wear it fair warning!

Repro lace up suede boots, $80 Urban Outfitter’s clearance a few years ago
Orange leather belt, $25 bought in Florence 6 years ago
70s orange Baruffaldi racer sunglasses, $1 thrifted several years ago
80s children’s acid wash jacket, $.50 thrifted
Contemporary corduroy skirt, $4 thrifted
Repro ringer tshirt with vintage 70s village drunk t shirt iron on $30

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Head over heels

I completely fell head over heels in love when I saw this crazy printed dress. I’m a sucker for a novelty print especially of the psychedelic variety. My obsessive, er, diligent ebay searching has brought many odd and lovely things into my life and this funky little number is certainly no exception! The print is amazing and the cut is equally inventive, coupling a corset front with a long and short sleeve hybrid I had never before seen. It also boasts the best in synthetic fabric types, a silky feel that is totally machine washable. I expect to get a lot of wear and many stares outta this one!
60s maxi dress, $65 ebay last month
60s beige cut out suede go go boots, $50 ebay several years ago
60s-70s green furry hat, $25 ebay last month
60s Italian sunglasses, $10 Sacramento antique fair last year

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cha cha heels

Today’s outfit brought to you by the letter B, as in Bella of Citizen Rosebud. You know she has a killer blog showcasing her fearlessly fantastic style, but did you know she sells on etsy now too? Well now you do! I bought this brocade top as I knew it would be a nice addition to my obscenely gluttonous wardrobe! The upcoming Divine documentary has reminded me to wear my cha cha heels more, precisely because nice girls don’t. Can you think of a better reason than that?

vintage 60s springolator cha cha heels also worn here
Black Springolator pumps $10 Sacramento antique fair a few years ago

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crème de Menthe

Another mention of our local monthly antique and collector’s fair as I'm wearing a dress I bought there last month for $5. Mint colored 60s lace dress in minty condition? Yes, please! Also wearing leather late 60s/early 70s lace up go go boots. This outfit was tested out on the dance floor at a recent Fleshtones/Troublemakers show, and it held up to the boogie rather nicely. I need to be able to move with the groove so not all outfits make the cut!
Mint colored 60s cotton lace dress, $5 antique and collector’s fair last month
Late 60s/early 70s lace up go go boots, $50 ebay about 10 years ago
Vintage enamel pendant signed Inga, $15 ebay a few months ago
Goldielocks the cat, adopted us last year, priceless

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Top Ten!

Becka of Smashingbird fame has bestowed upon me the top ten blog award! I am paying this award forward to 10 bloggers who are stylish and inspiring (and I wanna know what stuff they use to look so gorgeous!).
Pull Your Socks Up!
Misfits Vintage
Carried Away with Vintage Gourmet
Citizen Rosebud
Helga Von Trollop
Fashion Farms and Freedom
By Anika
The Dusk Zone
Little Bits of NikkNakk
I am asked to divulge my top ten beauty products, so here goes:
T3 tourmaline flat iron, great coarse mane wrestler.
Coco Mademoiselle perfume, I tried the rest, it's still the best.
Mac foundation brush (I used cheapo drugstore foundation but the brush is the best tool to apply it with).
Mac eyeliner brush with Mac fluidline eyeliner.
Maybelline stiletto mascara.
Hask pure shine hair grease.
Kms molding paste.
Neutrogena 90 spf sunscreen.
Olay definity face lotion.
Revlon nail hardener.
Outfit details:
70s cotton flower dress, $12 Kerry via Crimson and Clover
60s beaded crochet bag, $20 Smashingbird Vintage via Etsy
Modern new bcbg sandals, $25 Citizen Rosebud sale
80s Express belt, thrifted cheaply many years ago