Sunday, July 3, 2011

Top Ten!

Becka of Smashingbird fame has bestowed upon me the top ten blog award! I am paying this award forward to 10 bloggers who are stylish and inspiring (and I wanna know what stuff they use to look so gorgeous!).
Pull Your Socks Up!
Misfits Vintage
Carried Away with Vintage Gourmet
Citizen Rosebud
Helga Von Trollop
Fashion Farms and Freedom
By Anika
The Dusk Zone
Little Bits of NikkNakk
I am asked to divulge my top ten beauty products, so here goes:
T3 tourmaline flat iron, great coarse mane wrestler.
Coco Mademoiselle perfume, I tried the rest, it's still the best.
Mac foundation brush (I used cheapo drugstore foundation but the brush is the best tool to apply it with).
Mac eyeliner brush with Mac fluidline eyeliner.
Maybelline stiletto mascara.
Hask pure shine hair grease.
Kms molding paste.
Neutrogena 90 spf sunscreen.
Olay definity face lotion.
Revlon nail hardener.
Outfit details:
70s cotton flower dress, $12 Kerry via Crimson and Clover
60s beaded crochet bag, $20 Smashingbird Vintage via Etsy
Modern new bcbg sandals, $25 Citizen Rosebud sale
80s Express belt, thrifted cheaply many years ago


  1. Congrats to Dusk, Anika,Bella, Sarah, and Desiree! The others are new to me.

    the belt you've got on is fantastic.

  2. You look smashing- i saw it in person and you were described as the most glamourous person ever, and it's true!

    Thanks for listing me and some of my fave bloggers up there.

    Also: those shoes are from me- here's MY etsy shop:

  3. Terri!!! I need to talk about the belt and Bella's shoes, thanks for the comment!
    Bella!!! I forgot to credit you for bringing the shoes into my life, revising blog now! Thanks for everything, you rawk!

  4. You looked beyond amazing in this outfit! And I love your list of beauty products... I might need to check some of those out.

  5. You look so cute in that dress and you have wonderful hair! YOU GO GIRL!

  6. Fabulous ensemble my love!
    Thank you ever so much for flattering me with this super award, I'll have to put my thinking cap on now. When I saw this tag on Smashingbird's blog, I have to admit that I thought to myself "ten beauty product, I even have that many?"...I'm sure I do but I just slap them on in a robotic fashion without even actually thinking about it.
    Cheers darling & hope you will have a fabulous week!

  7. Ann baby ! Thanks for the shout out and purchase..You look crazy beautiful .

  8. I love your outfit, as usuall :)
    And Coco Mademoiselle is on of my favourite perfumes. It smells so good.

  9. I adore your dress, and WANT, WANT your wonderful belt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (sigh)

  10. Awwww thanks gorgeousness!!

    Your whole ensemble... to.DIE.for!! You are so gorgeous Ann!

  11. Vanessa!! It was nice meeting you the other night, in that new dress no less! I hope you like some of my products too, I'm not paid to endorse tho!
    Kara!! Thanks, I owe my favorite outfits and shopping outings to Crimson and Clover!! You are one rad mama!!
    Jennie!! I know right, do I use that much crap? Obviously I do, judging by the list! Can't wait to see what you use to look so lovely!
    Kerry!! The dress is the first of many purchases I'm sure! It was love at first sight and it fit! Can't wait to try that dress you were telling me about, I hope it fits as well as this one!
    Mini!! Thanks sweetie! And I really have tried other perfumes but always come back to CM!
    Sacramento!! You really rock a belt out, this one would be great on you! I have had it for years and I really love it too, thank you my dear!
    Dusk!! Likewise, babelicious!! I need to know what products you use, cuz you are radiant! LOVE U!!!

  12. Oh yes! I will take a picture of it, and send it to you . Take care sister..Lets have some Anchors together real soon!

  13. The belt makes you look like a fashion-blogger!

  14. Kerry!! YES!! The sooner the better! I'll message you!!
    Shybiker!! Thanks Hon! I feel like I've made it!! Belts are really amazing, that's why I have dozens!!

  15. Congrats dolly doll doll, and THANK YOU! OK this dress looks even better than in the shop, and I am SO gonna try that eye liner! CHEERS TO THE BLOGOSPHERE!! xoxox

  16. Great dress and love that little beaded bag. dee x

  17. Absoflippinglutely gorgeous! That bag couldn't have gone to a more smashing bird than you! I totally need to get a foundation brush, all I hear is good thinks and everyone seems to rave about MAC liner too. xxx

  18. beautiful blog :)
    I'd be happy if you check out my blog and follow if you like. xx

  19. Oooooo,cheers lovey!!!
    You look TOTALLY fab by the way!

  20. Luvvit! But you neglected to tell us about your Chinese style faux jade pendant! That is soooo 60s-70s fab. :)

  21. Congratulations and you are beautifully dress for the award. The dress color is lovely and I also would love to get my hands on that belt!

  22. I need to try out using a foundation brush, lots of people recently have been saying it is the way to go x

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  24. Follow my blog please
    I Follow youre too

  25. great greenish floral dress, combine with strong belt, create a lovely look


  26. Love your style...

    Following your blog from across the pond!

  27. I ADORE your blog. I love to thrift shop and mix old and new pieces together. You look gorgeous and your style is beyond fabulous.

    I found you through Helga - hope you don't mind if I start stalking you too :)

    Ms. Michelle