Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bouffant Want

I have wanted big hair for years, achieving different heights over time via wigs, falls and teasing too. As a 5'2" woman I really like the vertical boost a bouffant gives me. I had Laurel at Alley Cuts blow and bouffant set my hair Friday night and Sunday afternoon it still looks good, with minor straightening and teasing for maintenance needed. I could get used to having my hair professionally done more often, it's nice to find a stylist who gets what I want and gives it to me too!
60s psychedelic pink blouse, $20 ebay several years ago
Topshop hot pants, $50 ebay a few years ago
60s-70s lace up go go boots, $75 ebay a few years ago

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pucci Forever!

Found fit to wear for all eternity, Marilyn Monroe was buried in her 60s green silk Emilio Pucci dress. I recently treated myself to a similar dress in pink, and it is indeed very comfortable to wear. The spanx pantyhose I'm wearing underneath it is another story however! Fortunately not all of Marilyn's beautiful Puccis followed her to the grave, and in fact many were auctioned at Christie's in 1999. The rack photograph (with several Pucci gowns shown) was taken prior to the auction of Marilyn's wardrobe. My dress is very similar to the one hanging on the far right, minus the exceptional provenance of course!!

60s Pucci pink silk dress, $120 ebay a few weeks ago
60s faux Pucci purse, $15 etsy last month
60s pink metallic stiletto heels, $30 ebay several years ago
60s cool ray sunglasses, thrifted a long time ago