Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cha cha heels

Today’s outfit brought to you by the letter B, as in Bella of Citizen Rosebud. You know she has a killer blog showcasing her fearlessly fantastic style, but did you know she sells on etsy now too? Well now you do! I bought this brocade top as I knew it would be a nice addition to my obscenely gluttonous wardrobe! The upcoming Divine documentary has reminded me to wear my cha cha heels more, precisely because nice girls don’t. Can you think of a better reason than that?

vintage 60s springolator cha cha heels also worn here
Black Springolator pumps $10 Sacramento antique fair a few years ago

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crème de Menthe

Another mention of our local monthly antique and collector’s fair as I'm wearing a dress I bought there last month for $5. Mint colored 60s lace dress in minty condition? Yes, please! Also wearing leather late 60s/early 70s lace up go go boots. This outfit was tested out on the dance floor at a recent Fleshtones/Troublemakers show, and it held up to the boogie rather nicely. I need to be able to move with the groove so not all outfits make the cut!
Mint colored 60s cotton lace dress, $5 antique and collector’s fair last month
Late 60s/early 70s lace up go go boots, $50 ebay about 10 years ago
Vintage enamel pendant signed Inga, $15 ebay a few months ago
Goldielocks the cat, adopted us last year, priceless

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Top Ten!

Becka of Smashingbird fame has bestowed upon me the top ten blog award! I am paying this award forward to 10 bloggers who are stylish and inspiring (and I wanna know what stuff they use to look so gorgeous!).
Pull Your Socks Up!
Misfits Vintage
Carried Away with Vintage Gourmet
Citizen Rosebud
Helga Von Trollop
Fashion Farms and Freedom
By Anika
The Dusk Zone
Little Bits of NikkNakk
I am asked to divulge my top ten beauty products, so here goes:
T3 tourmaline flat iron, great coarse mane wrestler.
Coco Mademoiselle perfume, I tried the rest, it's still the best.
Mac foundation brush (I used cheapo drugstore foundation but the brush is the best tool to apply it with).
Mac eyeliner brush with Mac fluidline eyeliner.
Maybelline stiletto mascara.
Hask pure shine hair grease.
Kms molding paste.
Neutrogena 90 spf sunscreen.
Olay definity face lotion.
Revlon nail hardener.
Outfit details:
70s cotton flower dress, $12 Kerry via Crimson and Clover
60s beaded crochet bag, $20 Smashingbird Vintage via Etsy
Modern new bcbg sandals, $25 Citizen Rosebud sale
80s Express belt, thrifted cheaply many years ago