Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another trip to the Anntique Fair!

All the usual vintage clothing and accessory hoarding you have come to expect, now on film! Today I shopped at our monthly antique fair and took direction from Stanimal to produce this hard hitting mini documentary! Scores caught in action include a 60s psychedelic dress for $5, a Miss Magnin for I Magnin dress for $10, a descoware mini oven, super mini oven, super big au gratin and small au gratin all in good condition for $20, 2 60s plastic blob lamps for $40 and $45 each, and an orange funky snack set from the 70s for $40. Also I nabbed a green plastic purse made of links for $10 and another velvet printed clutch for $10, both 60s or 70s era. There is gonna be more where this foolishness came from cuz we had fun and are just getting started!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The right place at the right time

Many a weekend is spent by my husband and I trolling for vintage treasures, hitting up garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets alike. A few years ago a neighborhood garage sale proved especially fruitful, as I scored one of my most valuable vintage designer pieces by none other than Rudi Gernreich! I had found some wonderful items at this woman’s sale and was chatting with her about them. She was happy I liked her old things so much and that I actually intended to wear them. She then remembered that there was another bag in the basement she wanted me to look at too. Her husband went and grabbed it and in addition to about 30 more great pieces was the Rudi. She asked $20 for the lot and of course I didn’t bargain! She even took down my contact info in case she found more stuff! I kept hoping she would call but she never did. And now I have an amazing piece of her history to treasure always! Check out Couture Allure's post on Rudi, and the killer dress she has listed for sale right now!
Rudi Gernreich dress, less than $1 at a yard sale several years ago
Charles Jourdan gold boomerang heel sandals, $100 ebay last year
Purple suede purse, $8 thrifted yesterday at SPCA thrift