Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bitch Switch (Flipped!)

I’m doin a don’t and you know I will even though some won’t!! I’m defiantly wearing these sandals again after I received unsolicited advice that they were all wrong in my last outfit post via a stranger in a facebook group. Stranger sez: “Love the dress and the price you eventually got it for, but the shoes seem too heavy for the fabric and dress style. I'd try dusty purple or olive green green or light brown pumps, ballet slippers, or sandals with very thin straps and beading. The dress is boho style so think boho shoes. A look is not just about the garment, it's also the accessories. hugz”. The fallacy of this person's argument is her assumption that I’m hoping to approximate a trendy nuevo boho look or to please strangers. I’m a personal style blogger cuz I want to share my personal style, not because I seek sartorial critique. So to this person’s comment I responded: “I like the shoes with the outfit, but to each their own.” So here’s to owning your look, whether or not it rings someone else’s bell!
Clod hopper sandals, MIA seen in previous post
70s dress $25, ebay several years ago
70s Avon pendant, $6 thrifted a few years ago

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lady in waiting

When I read about the Celia Birtwell line for Express in 2008 I was skeptical but intrigued. As I work within walking distance to the mall which had (has?) an Express store I popped in for a look. I liked the fit of the dress and the print, and the quality was not as bad as I thought it would be but I wasn’t kickin down $128 either. I jotted down a note for things I look for on ebay and forgot about it. Then about a year later I looked for it online and found it brand new for $30 including shipping. I threw down the low bid and no one else jumped in. I’ve worn it a few times since, it’s nice and cool for the sweaty dance night I had planned. If I find something new I like I will lie in wait for it to pop up on ebay for cheap as this dress did. I’d love to get an original someday but wouldn’t have worn it with as much drunken abandon as I wore this repro Saturday night!
Celia Birtwell silk chiffon dress (2008 reproduction) $30 ebay a few years ago
70s Sarah Coventry pendant, $15 ebay several years ago
Mia platform sandals, ebay $65 including shipping last year
70s sunglasses, made in Italy, $8 Sacramento Antique Fair last week
eight ball zucchini squash and lil oranges, growing in my garden

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Unexpected gifts and random acts of radness!

I won two blogger awards, a blog contest, and got surprise gifts in the mail! Hot damn, instead of sittin here writing this I should go buy a lottery ticket so I can quit my day job!! First off I was recognized for my thrifty outfit savvy by none other than Debbie Baker Burns of Thrifty Girl Vintage! She bestowed upon me the blogger luxury award. Check out her blog and see how she makes a dollar holler, Kentucky style! Next up the lovely Greek goddess Dimi of Little Witches/Tiny Wizards awarded me the irresistibly sweet blogger accolade! Being that Dimi is so very sweet herself I am very honored!! Then I was randomly selected to win a gift certificate to Smarty Cats etsy store by the adorable Nikki of Little Bits of NikkNak! Nikki is a local girl who makes bein a lil bit look so good! I had the pleasure of hangin with her at blogger meet ups and I am stoked to be her friend. Check out her online shop too, she is parting with killer clothes and accessories you may need to adopt!! Speaking of adopting, I was perusing Smashingbird's etsy shop and had to make a vintage turquoise beaded purse mine. Well, as a bonus for being her first etsy sale I got a surprise hat, shirt, and ring too! This recognition has been the icing on an already totally sweet cake! Thanks to my friends in blogland for making the magic happen!
70s Hawaiian maxi dress, $6 Goodwill thrifted a few years ago
60s atomic ring, Smashingbird bonus gift, FREE, WHEE!!
60s repurposed aurora borealis ring, Smarty Cats etsy gift, FREE, WHEE!!
Modern new bcbg sandals, $25 Citizen Rosebud sale
60s beaded raffia purse, thrifted cheaply a long time ago
50s bakelite ring, $20 ebay last year
60s cha cha aurora borealis bracelet, $16 crimson and clover last year
70s green glitter sunglasses, $20 ebay a few years ago

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A little less conversation…

...a little more action!! This is my homage to the King, as Elvis rocked the jumpsuit like no other! I wish I had a custom tailored Nudie like rock royalty, but my 70s wet look jumpsuit will have to do. I’m a sucker for studs so I added this studded belt and my 70s studded jacket. Of course I needed to top it all off with my 70s Cool Ray Polaroid sunglasses! These are perennial favorites of mine, the frame style is called fastback. And when I wear them old ladies always like to tell me Elvis wore sunglasses like those, like I don't know that already!!  
70s wet look jumpsuit and 70s Cool Ray Polaroid sunglasses, thrifted cheaply a long time ago
70s studded jacket, last seen here
60s gold stiletto boots, $50 ebay several years ago
studded brass and plastic belt, free with purchase at a vintage clothing sale last year
Sally Hansen gold glitter nail decals, $7 at the drugstore, these rock!