Sunday, August 28, 2011

It takes a village...

to raise a drunk! Here’s an example of buying someone else something you really want to keep working out really well! I bought this Roach deadstock iron on for my husband several years ago. I was going to have it put on a t shirt for him but he could tell I really wanted it so he said I should put it on a shirt for myself. I’m glad I got to keep it cuz I think the village drunk is really cool, and people always tell me how much they like him when I wear it. Plus, since my husband doesn’t drink too much it would be false advertising, but when I wear it fair warning!

Repro lace up suede boots, $80 Urban Outfitter’s clearance a few years ago
Orange leather belt, $25 bought in Florence 6 years ago
70s orange Baruffaldi racer sunglasses, $1 thrifted several years ago
80s children’s acid wash jacket, $.50 thrifted
Contemporary corduroy skirt, $4 thrifted
Repro ringer tshirt with vintage 70s village drunk t shirt iron on $30

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Head over heels

I completely fell head over heels in love when I saw this crazy printed dress. I’m a sucker for a novelty print especially of the psychedelic variety. My obsessive, er, diligent ebay searching has brought many odd and lovely things into my life and this funky little number is certainly no exception! The print is amazing and the cut is equally inventive, coupling a corset front with a long and short sleeve hybrid I had never before seen. It also boasts the best in synthetic fabric types, a silky feel that is totally machine washable. I expect to get a lot of wear and many stares outta this one!
60s maxi dress, $65 ebay last month
60s beige cut out suede go go boots, $50 ebay several years ago
60s-70s green furry hat, $25 ebay last month
60s Italian sunglasses, $10 Sacramento antique fair last year