Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crème de Menthe

Another mention of our local monthly antique and collector’s fair as I'm wearing a dress I bought there last month for $5. Mint colored 60s lace dress in minty condition? Yes, please! Also wearing leather late 60s/early 70s lace up go go boots. This outfit was tested out on the dance floor at a recent Fleshtones/Troublemakers show, and it held up to the boogie rather nicely. I need to be able to move with the groove so not all outfits make the cut!
Mint colored 60s cotton lace dress, $5 antique and collector’s fair last month
Late 60s/early 70s lace up go go boots, $50 ebay about 10 years ago
Vintage enamel pendant signed Inga, $15 ebay a few months ago
Goldielocks the cat, adopted us last year, priceless


  1. I LOVE how you put an outfit together- the fact that the ensemble must hold up to real life shenanigans is priceless: can i dance in it? can i drink in it? will it hold my food baby? check. Looking stinkin' GORGEOUS as ever, girl! xo. -Bella Q

  2. Great accessories and an outfit that can held up a night of music and fun; well that's priceless!

  3. Fecking fantasmo frock and boots!
    The Citizen has all the important questions covered,and they are rather vital! We don't wanna hang these stunners on the wall,we wanna live in them!!!xxx

  4. What beautiful bracelets. And those boots--you were smart to snag them!

  5. gorgeous, totally gorgeous! Wish I could have been there grooving along too, although you might have boogied me right off the dance floor with boots like that, woo hoo!

  6. Great vintage look!! Bravo girl! And I love mint! :)

  7. Dreamboat Annie! Once again a superb outfit - can't believe you scored that dress for $5, as for those boots well... *les swoon* xxx

  8. I adore those go go boots. They bring me back to my youth, when I lusted after them. With a yearning that can't be described. Back then, I had no opportunity to wear them and that just made the urge worse. I'm happy to see them on your happy feet!

  9. Great score on the dress! I keep missing the antique fair, I haven't been in so long! I definitely need to make it in August...

  10. Bella!! You know it, gotta be able to get my drink and dance on!!
    Ofelia!! Some annsembles have been discarded after partying! I'm pretty hard on my stuff unfortunately!
    Helga!! Damn right, gotta give these frocks the attention they deserve!
    Terri!! Thanks, I need that encouragement to collect as my closets are bursting but I can't let go!
    Kitty!! If you come to California I will take you to the most happenin happenings!! I live to dance and party!
    Dimi!! Thanks, I have been wearing so much green lately too! It's my favorite but I need to branch out a little!
    Becka!! You can come and steal those boots too, what size do you wear? :)
    Shy biker!! I too yearned for the day I could be my feet in some go go boots, I blame the Archies!
    Nikki!! I know, the SAF is fun but it's gonna be crazy hot! I don't like to get up early on Sunday, but sometimes it's worth it!

  11. AND hello, the cats set off the mint color perfectly! LOVE how you acessorize.... xoxo

  12. yet another pair of 60s boots that make me squirm with envy

  13. Carrie!! Cats are such great accessories, so true! They are gorgeous and they know it, too!!
    Melinda Bee!! Thanks girlfriend, I do love that pair a lot!
    miss peelpants!! Thanks! If only I had some of your fab designer boutique gear to go with them! Someday, I hope to!!

  14. Oh my - the boots, the shades, the nails, the cat! Love your accessorizing! x