Sunday, December 18, 2011

Outfit Inspiration: The Nauga Monster

I've long been a lover of the sweet Nauga Monster, and I was fortunate enough to adopt two of Stan's Nauga Monster children as my own when we wed. I also take outfit styling cues from the Nauga, as I am here wearing a recently acquired vintage Naugahyde dress. I got myself a few early gifts this year, these vintage Christian Dior sunglasses rating very high among them. Although I am pleased with these new treasures I have been having a hard time transitioning into the holiday cheer of the season as our beloved cat Fang has been taken from us. We hold out some hope he may be found but shelter and online searches have come up empty. We really miss our gentleman tuxedo cat, we were so lucky to have had him in our lives for as long as we did.
vintage Naugahyde dress, $10 ebay a few weeks ago
DKNY wet look shirt, $4 thrifted last year
vintage Christian Dior sunglasses, $100 ebay last month
chain earrings I made out of old stuff that was cheap
Goldielocks the cat, priceless


  1. :( I hope fang comes home safely soon. Just today there was an article in the paper about a dog who was missing for 4 months and the owners had just about lost hope of finding him and then he showed up at the local vet! Don't lose hope. The Naugahyde dress looks like it was made for you :) Xxx

  2. Hope he comes back home by christmas x Ps love the outfit & Nauga monsters !

  3. god damn i love you. i hope fang finds his way back home. xo.

  4. I see this post, and I think to myself, "is this chick for real?!" you are so mind blowing awesome Annimal, it's hard for me to deal. I am starting a Annimal Fannimal fan club. Cuz it's gotta be done.

    I am so sad about Fang. I love that cat, I really love him.I am a little crazy and want his name tattooed on me. I know that sounds silly, but I think I know him from a different life time. Can you send me a pic of him via facebook?

    I hope I see you soon Ann. Tuesday!?
    Also, are you going to the X show? Bella and I got our tickets!

  5. You are a gem in this town! I love your digs gir

  6. I want those gorgeous glasses, and hug you tight.
    Mil besos, guapa!!!

  7. Great dress; great sunnies. Your style is so unique.

  8. I love this outfit and you huge cat rules!!!

  9. sorry about the kitty. that's terrible.

  10. so fun- love these photos! crazy glasses...
    the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  11. I think I had that same Nauga jumper in 1st grade. It looks way hotter on you!

  12. YOU look smashing, and is there any news on Fang????? Kisses xoxoxox