Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pucci in the boudoir

I am happily obliging my dear friend Kerry who requested I do an outfit post in the boudoir of my latest vintage Pucci, a snuggly quilted bed jacket! I bagged this beaut last week on ebay for 30 bones! I admit to quite a collection of vintage bed clothing and underthings, as I enjoy dressing up to go out as much as dressing up to stay in! An item such as this should see the outside of my home at some point though, as I have enjoyed wearing nightie items out and about in the past.


  1. Annimal, you look great!
    I was just thinking about you last night. It was cold and I went to pull of my work clothes, and slip in to something a little more comfortable.
    When I finished un-dressing, dressing myself , I look in the full length mirror. Was I really wearing this to bed??

    Red plaid man jammy pants, old magpie shirt, mixed matched socks, and a hideously ugly pink victoria secrets half robe? I almost threw up when I saw myself. Then I thought, "man, I gotta channel Ann. This look is unacceptable! Ann would never wear this!! EVER!!"

    You look amazing as always girl!

  2. I would take it and wear it out so gorgeous.

  3. It's fantastic - you could easily wear that out and about x

  4. Wow i love the Pucci bed jacket! I would definitely wear it out!!!

  5. wow! I've always wanted a pucci item, I can't believe you got this for only $30.

  6. Okay, actually I won it for $31!! Here's a link to the auction!