Monday, March 7, 2011

Black and Blue...

And worn over and over! Taking pictures on overcast days has proven rather, um, challenging. Also not helping matters is the fact we are using an old crummy digital camera and we don't really know what we're doing! But we're doing it just the same, and here I am with my hair au naturel. I don't dye it but I usually attack it with the straight iron and a handful of gunk to give it more polish (and less frizz!). I'm also sporting my default jean jacket topper, one of many that I constantly rely on in my wardrobe rotation.

70s little e Levis Jean jacket, $8 Sacramento antique fair a few years ago
Vintage sweater dress, $1 my rad neighbor's garage sale
Necklace, Sarah Coventry, $15 ebay about 5 years ago (I just found it in another jacket's pocket, I think it was there for at least a year!)
Chubby kitty pin, $5 Sacramento antique fair a few years ago, I thrifted the same one before this one but it was missing the tail! So it has a manx sibling!
Hue tights $10 Macys last year
60s brown vinyl boots, $30 ebay a few months ago (deadstock too!)


  1. Ha love it when you find stuff in pockets! Hee the cat pin is so cute! keep up the good work...I know it's hard to take pictures of the whole outfit.later

  2. Thanks Kara! I thought that necklace was long gone! And I love that kitty pin, it reminds me of my chubby short legged baby girl Tiggy! I'm cookin up a crazy cat lady post, cuz gotta represent! I'm comin in this week to meet the shop kitty!

  3. This is a great look! I think black and blue go so well together. Cool 60's boots too!

  4. Thanks Yvonne! So happy to share with stylish ladies such as yourself!

  5. I love how you make it look so effortless and sooooo cool. I think you are single-handedly making me want to sport jean jackets.

  6. Thanks Bella! oooo, I have a really rad totally reversible lee jacket from the 70s 4 u 2 try on and possibly adopt! I'm scaling the mountain of vintage I showed you, slowly but surely!