Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hookin' Up

I like to think of my vintage stash as animate objects. It's like introducing old friends to new, when complimentary items hook up. I've had this sweater dress since the 90s, and it has fit me well even when my weight goes up and down. I found the sunglasses a few years ago but the two just met for the first time today. I suppose they hit it off, but what do you think about the coupling?

Vintage sweater dress, $1 Northgate Thrift(now closed)in the 90s
Plastic thermoset bracelet, $1 Sacramento antique fair last month (it was a broken necklace I made into a bracelet)
Plastic cha cha bracelet, $10 ebay last year
Sunglasses, $15 ebay a few years ago
Necklace, $50 ebay last year, bidding war but I won!
Big plastic ring, $2 ebay in a lot of 10 a few years ago


  1. They look like they're getting on well to me! Love the colour combo - beautiful. And they're certainly your colours.

  2. thanks mrs bossa! In clothing and interior decor I always want turquoise and lime green. I need to remind myself there are many other shades too sometimes!

  3. Thanks Wendy B! I'm so stoked you stopped by, I've been a secret admirer of yours for a while now!

  4. YOU RAWK! I love the outfit, the pics, the whole deal. And you are a matchmaker extraordinaire!
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  5. Thanks Bella! Super praise from a matchmaker extraordinaire herself!

  6. I am in complete love with your accessories! Those are great colors together! The aqua really shines! Don't ya love it when you buy an item of clothing and it lasts forever and still looks good??

  7. Thanks Yvonne! I'm crazy about that color combo, it's my kitchen colors too so I obviously can't get enough! And that's why I'm so vintage obsessed, owning some of my clothes 4 almost 20 years and they are still just as amazing as the day I thrifted them!