Monday, February 28, 2011

Silver (web) Surfing

When I become obsessed with a rare antique or vintage item I compulsively track it down and often others like it. Case in point my sunglasses. I originally found this model in a white blue color combination several years ago. Not content to just own that pair, I kept checking back on ebay and a few years later found this pair too. In between both occurrences, I was outbid twice on a black on black pair, like the ones Gary Oldman wore to portray Sid in Sid and Nancy. Dunno what other color combos exist, but I'd love to collect them all!
Dress, nay tunic, part of a pantsuit by happy legs thrifted many years ago cheaply but can't remember how cheaply
Sunglasses, ebay $30 a couple years ago
boots, $4 thrift town
choker necklace, made in japan, ebay $12 a couple years ago
aurora borealis bracelet, made in japan, $16 crimson and clover about 6 months ago
rings, ebay and junk shop plus wedding (my husband's late mother's)


  1. What a fab selection of rings. Love massive jewellery, but haven't managed to pull off the multiple ring-look as yet.

    Thank you for visiting Mrs Bossa Does the Do.

    ps - you had me at Gary Oldman...

  2. Thanks! I was super excited that GO wore the same pair in all black, and I really want those too. Someday, maybe!