Monday, February 28, 2011

Silver (web) Surfing

When I become obsessed with a rare antique or vintage item I compulsively track it down and often others like it. Case in point my sunglasses. I originally found this model in a white blue color combination several years ago. Not content to just own that pair, I kept checking back on ebay and a few years later found this pair too. In between both occurrences, I was outbid twice on a black on black pair, like the ones Gary Oldman wore to portray Sid in Sid and Nancy. Dunno what other color combos exist, but I'd love to collect them all!
Dress, nay tunic, part of a pantsuit by happy legs thrifted many years ago cheaply but can't remember how cheaply
Sunglasses, ebay $30 a couple years ago
boots, $4 thrift town
choker necklace, made in japan, ebay $12 a couple years ago
aurora borealis bracelet, made in japan, $16 crimson and clover about 6 months ago
rings, ebay and junk shop plus wedding (my husband's late mother's)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

We are the vintage clothing preservation society

It's a cause near and dear to my heart, the preservation of fine vintage clothing! We are proud members of the vintage clothing preservation society, with over 20 years of manically haunting thrift, flea and church sale alike. Hoarding is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but that's ok with us. Esteemed vintage clothing seller Denise Brain put it well in a blog post she did several years ago about saving the maxi dresses. Also making a convincing argument to preserve and stay long is fantastic blogger and shop owner extraordinaire Nicole of Crimson and Clover (and dig vintage, and flaming hag folkwear!! ) fame who wears maxis with aplomb! If the vintage clothing has survived decades intact it should stay intact. I will professionally alter to fit and if the hem has been carelessly taken up crooked ( as is usually the case, grrrr) it has to go up higher to correct. The most heartbreaking of all is to see a once beautiful maxi dress chopped off into a tunic length shirt. Anything shorter than 32" from shoulder to hem is a shirt, and this opinion is coming from a short waisted 5' 2" lady!
I thrifted this gem of a dress a few years ago on my birthday! Goodwill was good to me with this $5 treasure. It fits perfectly (length and width!) and it's a novelty print with naked ladies splayed throughout. It was made by San Francisco Dress Works, est. 1971 A.D. I'm wearing it with thrifted pull up faux patent boots I got at thrift town for $4. Also included over the gown is a favorite custom made velvet trench coat I found on ebay and won for $40 several years ago. I'd cry to see either maxi garment get chopped as they are in such good shape. I thrifted these sunglasses so long ago I can't remember where! They are 70s cool ray by polaroid. My necklace is a 70s cameo I fished out of a huge pile of tangled up jewelry at the local antique fair, $3 (down from $5, a discount for my effort!).

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


For the best in vintage groupie advice and fashion, look no further than the star1973 blog dedicated to the 70s magazine of the same name. This slick site features the entire five series run of the publication and is chock full of stylin goodness and fun reads.
My outfit is a tribute groupie annsemble, variations of which I have worn for the past 20 years! Studded jacket, ebay $40 for the set with pants, I just got the woven belt off etsy $14.50 including shipping, I got the chain belt at a thrift store $1, shoes ebay mia $65 including shipping, rings around $10-$20 each ebay, necklace etsy $23, cheap trick iron on t shirt ebay $20 several years ago, renauld france sunglasses spca thrift $5, old man pants chopped off to make a brief skirt, $1 thrift store forever ago (I had to wear cuz the groupie in issue one has a homemade skirt too).

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A citizen of rosebud

I am fortunate enough to live in the same town as vibrant blogger/savant Bella of the Citizen Rosebud and to have attended a few of her fab vintage clothes selling events. I procured an amazing hang ten striped t shirt, a bee print dress and a super cute cape, just to name a few of my treasures she made available for sale at very reasonable prices. We have had fun talking, eating and trying on vintage clothes. She has featured me on her blog and it has been overwhelming to see myself so much! I love the pictures she took and am lucky she has shined her kindness my way! I created a tribute annsemble as a way of saying thanks, the citizen rosebud is my inspiration.
I am wearing a pair of freshly thrifted shoes, Deseret Thrift $3
gold tights, mini skirt altered from midi length, $20 $10 from spca thrift and $10 from linda lee's alterations for hemming, green leather belt $5 from ebay belt lot, rosebud print banana republic silk shirt, $15 ebay, rosebud print brocade jacket $12 part of a set with skirt, thrifted at now and again thrift. Hat is ebay $35 purchase from a few years ago, sunglasses are generically made in italy and I got them for $10 at the antique fair three years ago.