Friday, April 20, 2012

Hello, hello I'm back again!!

Did you miss me? I've been MIA but have a good excuse as of late! I, along with my friend Danielle rescued a two week old kitten! We were at the Stockton flea market last week and there he was, laying in a cardboard box in desperate need of mother's milk. We sped off on a mission of mercy, buying kitten formula and stopping at the spca for guidance. A foster effort quickly became an adoption as my husband and I welcome the wee tabby boy into our home where Garloo will have two big brothers and a big sister too! He's a pound of fun and got in on the action for my latest outfit post!! The Mod Male himself requested a photo of my scalloped jacket as he posted a similar outfit on his blog recently. So here it is, and if you wanna git down with some killer mod men style, you know where to click!
60s Penelope of Carmel suede jacket, thrifted many years ago $3
60s wet look mini dress, ebay many years ago $25
60s-70s thigh high suede boots, ebay many years ago $40
60s Pucci velvet purse, ebay two years ago, $200
60s Italian sunglasses, ebay last year, $40
Bakelite ring, a few weeks ago at the Sacramento Antique Fair, $45