Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lazing on a Sunday afternoon...

Ok, more like collapsing! Stanimal and I spent the better part of this weekend working on our 5 year old canvas gazebo. We bought it for $200 and it was 50% off for an end of season sale. That gazebo has been through a lot, most notably flying over the fence a few years ago when we had 80 mph winds. It was bent and looked like it was trashed, but we straightened out the frame and reinforced a few spots with metal straps. The roof was all stained and gross so I proposed we paint it a dark earthy color. Stanimal was concerned it would be too dark on the deck so I decided to build a skylight for the center canopy topper. With heavy duty vinyl from the upholstery shop I used the existing topper as a pattern and made a replacement. We are very pleased with the paint and skylight, that old gazebo is ready to rock for at least a few more seasons!
Rejuvenated gazebo, $200 Save Mart grocery store over 5 years ago
60s caftan, $15 ebay a few months ago
60s jeweled sandals, $3 thrift store a few years ago


  1. The perfect place to lounge in a caftan sipping on something colourful with an umbrella in it!

    You look gorgeous Annimal and aren't you clever, installing a skylight into your gazebo? How marvellous!

    Sarah xxx

  2. Well done, and the skylight will probably prevent any more issues with the wind. I love that tiki guy lurking in the bushes!

  3. What an amazingly relaxing and tranquil place has you created.
    Your dress colors are exceptionally earthy and gorgeous.

  4. I love your little outdoor space, it looks so comfy.

  5. The gazebo looks so good! Very chill and inviting! I have a caftan so I will have to wear it the next time I come over so I can chill with you on your deck!

  6. I would kill for a little oasis like this! Awesome.

  7. Wow!! What a magical place! And you fit right into it! You're some sight lady! Kisses :)

  8. What an awesome spot for relaxing with a cocktail or fact,why ISN'T there one in your hand?! Yay for making do and making it more fabulous than it ever dreamed it could be!

  9. What fabulous place to laze about on a Sunday afternoon.I wouldn´t mind stopping by for a drink later...
    You look gorgeous, as ever.

  10. What an inspired hangout! You look so laid back and glam chilling on your deck. I'd love to drop by and join you. xxx

  11. Where have you been my lovely - I've been craving some hawt Annimal pics! The gazebo looks fabbbbbb. xxxxx

  12. Mine's a mojito please! You've done a great job with it, looks like such a wonderful chill out zone

  13. Gorgeous, looks very relaxing!

  14. Looks like a super duper place to relax and unwind you lucky lady ;-)) Enjoy it, dee x

  15. Sarah!! Thanks, gotta make do, those darn things are expensive!
    anika.burke!! Welcome to my blog and congrats on your new blog! Looking forward to checking it out!
    Carrie!! That's where we're gonna hang when you come to visit, the pond makeover is almost done too!!
    monogirl!! Thanks for noticing that cool tiki dude! My husband found him and he brings good luck!
    Ofelia!! It is our tranquil spot, it's a lot of work but worth it!!
    My Heart Blogged!! Thanks, you must stop by and visit with Bella sometime!!
    Bella!! Yes!! Caftans are a must as over-indulging is the way to go on the deck!!
    Nikki!! I'm glad you like it, I wanna host a blogger meet up there soon!
    Dimi!! Thanks, if you ever make it to California you must visit!
    Helga and Vix!!! After I posted this I made frozen Kahlua mudslides! I was afraid I would put off blogging if I drank first!!
    Sacramento!! When you come here that's where Bella and I will be hangin!!
    Smashingbird!!! I missed you too! I was workin my butt off in the garden, I put in my vegetables too! Gotta have fresh food for you when you come to visit!
    Lakota!! I grow mint and love making mojitos!! Comin right up!!
    Kitty!! It's very relaxing, I can and do fall asleep out there!
    Delia!! All our hard work is paying off, now to enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Before I read what you wrote I was going to ask if you took these photos at your home. The gazebo is so attractive! I'm jealous beyond all measure!

  17. Shybiker!! It took years and lots of money to get to this point, when we started it was a jungle but not in a good way! Thanks for your appreciation, and you'll need to visit in person when you're in California!

  18. This seems perfect for a lounging afternoon, just beautiful really... -xxoo

  19. Amazing gazebo. You're lucky you live somewhere that you don't have to surround it with screens to keep the bugs out.

  20. fashion tales!! Thanks, when I have the day off work i plan to do just that!
    gapingwhole!! We have mosquitos, but we use body spray and candles at night. It's not too bad! Thanks for your visit and comment!

  21. I love your gazebo. It looks like the perfect place to chill out!